Divorce Attorney Hilton Head

December 28, 2016

By rotexhawk

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The pursuit of a divorce (dissolution of marriage) should be the absolute last resort after one has exhausted all efforts to heal a broken marriage. We will first discuss with you your overall situation, and help you explore options you may not have tried to resolve the problems in your marriage. If you have tried everything and are convinced that there is no hope, our goal is to assist you in obtaining a divorce in the least expensive and most amicable way possible.

A divorce decree will address and resolve ALL issues (rights and obligations) arising out of your marital relationship. Because it is permanent and addresses all issues one should not enter into discussions regarding the same without the advice of competent counsel. If the issues can be resolved by agreement, that is best for all concerned, especially if there are children involved.

The most common form of divorce under South Carolina law is one based on one continuous year’s physical separation of the parties. However, the law does provide for divorce without waiting an entire year if a party can prove one of four fault-based grounds for divorce. They are adultery, physical cruelty, habitual intoxication (alcohol or drugs) or desertion. Should you believe you have grounds for a divorce based on one of the four fault-based statutory grounds, the specific elements of such will be fully discussed in your initial consult.

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