Tractor Trailer Accident

Normally such accidents are very complicated and require the services of not only a lawyer who understands the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, but also of an expert who will testify as to any violations of the standards which contributed to the accident. While in some rare instances there is an obvious act or omission by the driver of a tractor-trailer that clearly establishes their liability in the accident, more often technical violations of these rules and Regulations provide the best basis for establishing liability on the part of the tractor-trailer company as being at fault for the accident.

Due to the complicated nature of these federal laws, rules and regulations, no individual should ever try to resolve a case of this nature without the assistance of a competent lawyer. The resolution of these cases are seldom if ever as simple as portrayed in television advertising by various lawyers. Time, attention to detail, and effort in fully investigating all aspects of potential liability on the trucking company is what is necessary to yield just results for an individual injured in a tractor-trailer accident.