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This is a very complicated area of the law arising out of the breach of a physician’s duty to adhere to a local, and often times the national standard of care. Such actions require the hiring of multiple experts, the cost for which can be staggering. While there certainly are many lawyers within the State of South Carolina who are very talented in this area, it is also not uncommon to seek the services of a nationally recognized malpractice attorney. Over the years we have associated ourselves with a number of nationally known attorneys who specialize in this area, and who have been able to assist our clients in obtaining outstanding results on their cases. If you are seeking a Personal Injury Attorney Hilton Head, consider us based on our experience and success.

If you believe you have been a victim of malpractice on the part of a doctor, it is important to document exactly what happened in your case as soon as you are physically able. While the medical records provide the initial basis for evaluating such a case, detailed accounts from you as the patient, as well as anyone in your immediate circle of family or friends who witnessed firsthand the treatment, or lack thereof, which forms the basis of your complaint, is essential to aid an expert in evaluating all aspects of the case to determine whether or not it is viable to pursue. We are a 5-Star rated Personal Injury Attorney Hilton Head.

Under South Carolina law, there are numerous requirements which must be met before a malpractice action can ever even be initiated. Failure to understand these requirements could have disastrous consequences as concerns your case. While in obvious cases of malpractice an insurance company may reach out to you with an immediate offer of settlement, you should not entertain any such offer without first consulting competent counsel, because if you do, they may have you sign a document which precludes you from seeking further relief to which you would otherwise have been entitled. Also, once signed, you could be precluded from obtaining further medical treatment which might be absolutely necessary to a complete recovery, or you might have to pay for such treatment on your own, which could be extremely costly.

Tips to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

After you have had a terrible accident, one of the most difficult decisions you need to make is hiring the correct personal injury attorney. Sometimes you might have a personal injury lawyer in mind, but they might not be right for your specific case.

Hiring the correct personal injury attorney takes way more than just a quick Google search. Understanding of the case is important. When you search, you realize there are thousands of personal injury lawyers, and you are spoilt for choice.

There are a lot of search engine recommendations for good personal injury lawyers. That could make things difficult. But it’s a great way to start your search. 

Berl Law in Hilton Head handles all similar cases, including personal injury, car accidents, litigation, and more.

Our firm also takes care of real estate transactions, businesses, estate planning, and probate matters. Now that you are aware of what to look for let’s break it down for you. Here are the seven most important tips for finding the best personal injury lawyer in Hilton Head or elsewhere.

1. Identify What You Are Looking For, Make a List of Things You Need

What did you suffer from?
A negligent medical procedure or a severe accident?

You need to know your legal needs and requirements first, how qualified the personal injury lawyer should be, and more. This will make your search easier and more streamlined.

Look at things that help you narrow down your search. 

Like are you looking for a personal injury attorney nearby?

If you live in Hilton Head, then you need a lawyer in that area. When thinking of a lawyer, you need to decide whether you wish to go to an established firm or a smaller one. But it’s best to choose quality over quantity, always.

Our firm has many nationally known attorneys. They all specialize in the personal injury area. They also have been able to get outstanding results for their clients for their cases.

If you are looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in Hilton Head, we are your best bet. You can consider Berl Law based on our experience and success in prior cases.
Berl’s Law comprises a team of skilled and experienced attorneys. We have a proven track record of representing clients involved in automotive accidents. We handle all the legal requirements professionally. We ensure to tow your vehicle for repairs and address any personal injury medically and legally.

2. Word of Mouth Is Important. Ask People You Trust

Since accidents are quite a common thing that can lead to injuries, likely, someone in you knows well has already had a personal injury attorney.

Asking people who know you will get you trustworthy recommendations. They would have first-hand experience with such lawyers. This gives you a guarantee of how the lawyers can be.

Also, word-of-mouth-marketing (WOMM) is still one of the most well-known marketing firms in this area.

At least 90 percent of consumers trust the word of their family and friends over advertising messages at any time.

3. Always Search for ‘Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me’ 

Whether you are on a desktop or your mobile phone, the internet and Google, of course, is a valuable tool that allows you to narrow down your search to find the best and topmost personal injury lawyers. The internet can show you what you need in detail.

Websites with information about personal injury lawyers also provide information about their education, ratings, case history, and client feedback. It is always beneficial to have someone nearby to devote more time to your case than traveling excessively.

4. Focus on the Expertise of the Lawyer You Choose 

If a personal injury attorney has a significant amount of experience in the field, they will know what to expect from a case. They also know how to overcome an obstacle or fight a case for their client and the expected settlement apt for the specific case. So, you might as well forget your friend who is a personal injury attorney as it’s always better to get all the experience you can get.

For instance, at Berl Law, James F Berl has very good experience dealing with personal injury cases. He practices in all civil litigation areas, including personal injury, family law, and contract disputes. Thus, if you live in Hilton Head, he could be a great fit for your personal injury attorney.

5. Speak to Different Lawyers

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to just a few lawyers nearby, maybe set up a meeting to decide. You might even not like some when you speak to them. You will also have to convince a lot of them to pay heed to your case first.

Make a list of what you want to know and what you want them to do for you before heading out. You should also keep in mind asking about the fees and how long the case can resolve. This will help you to decide easily.

6. Narrow Your Search to at Least Two or Three Attorneys

Once you have gotten enough information on the personal injury lawyer’s experience and professional history, you now need to narrow down your search even more.

Keep it to two or three options at most. See if they match your needs and requirements. This will allow you to contact them for a free consultation initially to take the conversation forward.

7. Ask a Lot of Questions and Write down Salient Points

When you finally reach the personal injury lawyers of your choice’s office, you should be completely ready. You should be prepared with questions that you need to be answered by them.

For you to understand their legal procedure, here are a few questions you could ask:

1. Will the personal injury attorney represent you personally, or will you work with his/her associate?
2. Do they have a lot of similar cases previously like yours? How many did they win approximately?
3. More on their credentials (if the internet hasn’t satisfied you)
4. What is their fee schedule, how should you pay — hourly, weekly or fixed?

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