Divorce Attorney Hilton Head

The pursuit of a divorce (dissolution of marriage) should be the absolute last resort after one has exhausted all efforts to heal a broken marriage. We will first discuss with you your overall situation, and help you explore options you may not have tried to resolve the problems in your marriage. If you have tried everything and are convinced that there is no hope, our goal is to assist you in obtaining a divorce in the least expensive and most amicable way possible. We are a trusted Divorce Attorney Hilton Head residents have turned to for over 20 years.

A divorce decree will address and resolve ALL issues (rights and obligations) arising out of your marital relationship. Because it is permanent and addresses all issues one should not enter into discussions regarding the same without the advice of competent counsel. If the issues can be resolved by agreement, that is best for all concerned, especially if there are children involved.

The most common form of divorce under South Carolina law is one based on one continuous year’s physical separation of the parties. However, the law does provide for divorce without waiting an entire year if a party can prove one of four fault-based grounds for divorce. They are adultery, physical cruelty, habitual intoxication (alcohol or drugs) or desertion. Should you believe you have grounds for a divorce based on one of the four fault-based statutory grounds, the specific elements of such will be fully discussed in your initial consult with a top divorce attorney on Hilton Head.


How to Choose a Divorce Attorney Hilton Head

1. Trustworthy

Our firm is established on a strong foundation of trust. We offer unbiased, well-researched legal advice for your divorce case. We always maintain strict lawyer-client confidentiality. We are transparent about our fees and working methods. We also ensure that you have a firm understanding of the legal processes involved in a divorce case.

2. Help from a proficient lawyer

When you approach our firm, you can be sure that you have one of our finest attorneys working in your case. Our attorneys have unmatched educational qualifications and rich experience that deliver results. We educate you on the best legal recourse within your rights that lead to the most amicable settlements.

3. We are compassionate firm

Our attorneys are people-centric and value human emotions, above all. We understand the human angle of the divorce well and hear all the details of your case with empathy and compassion. We are also believers in justice and will stand by you firmly to help you obtain what you deserve.

4. Zealous advocates

Our attorney team is passionate about the law and the principles of ethics and justice. We leave no opportunity unexamined to ensure that your divorce case receives the finest legal support. We have successfully represented dozens of clients across the years. We are proficient in all aspects of martial law with great client testimonials.

5. We care about you

Our firm is compassionate and realizes the strain a divorce proceeding may cause in a family with children. We care about you and avoid involving you in the complex legal processes as much as possible. We work hard with our support teams to ensure that the whole process is as stress-free as possible.

6. Never give up attitude

We are a group of experienced attorneys with extensive courtroom experience. Our quest for justice is as fierce as our tenacity to win. We have never backed down from a difficult case but instead worked harder to deliver results. We have a strong team with a collaborative spirit who work together to achieve common goals.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Divorce Attorney

1. Focus on the goal

You always need to keep a clear focus on your end goal. The legal divorce proceedings must not be sidetracked due to personal emotions. The more focused you and your attorney are, the higher the chances of a quick closure. Seek your attorney’s advice on property division and custody rights.

2. Determine what you want

Analyze your marital and financial circumstances before hiring a divorce attorney. In many instances, you may be able to resolve the divorce through a mediator amicably. Mediation is a swifter and stress-free alternative to hiring an attorney. Choose a divorce attorney only if the negotiation may grow complex owing to property or children’s custody.

3. Should be affordable

Divorce proceedings are complex affairs and can drain your finances if not researched and planned well. Choose a lawyer who best suits your budget and explains the fees and any possible extra charges. It’s all right to pick a cheaper and relatively inexperienced lawyer but ensure that the person you choose is honest and ethical.

4. Have a consultation with few attorneys before hiring

It’s important that you consult with more than one attorney in person or over the phone before you choose a divorce lawyer. It helps you choose a person who is within your budget, operates locally, and comes with a good reputation. This practice also helps you evaluate their communication, professionalism, and office support staff.

5. Accurate evaluation

Seek a divorce attorney who discusses the circumstances leading to the divorce in detail. A good attorney fleshes out all the details and offers the best course of action. They need to provide an accurate and realistic idea about the case outcome and any settlements without making false promises. An experienced Divorce Attorney Hilton Head has, will have practiced divorce law a minimum of 15 years on the island.

FAQs on Divorce Attorney

Q1. What is meant by a no-fault divorce?

A no-fault divorce is a type of divorce in which it is not necessary to prove that the other party has committed a fault. No-fault divorce allows for marriage dissolution if one of the partners is unhappy with it. It was not the case for dissolving a marriage in the past and required a valid reason, which was often adultery, insanity, or a felony.

Q2. Explain the procedure for a divorce?

The process of obtaining a legal divorce commences with filing a complaint or petition with the court. A copy of this is delivered to your spouse, who is given a certain number of days to respond. The case could proceed in several directions at this juncture based on the response. It could lead to an amicable settlement or grow complex if they contest it.

Q3. What is the time taken for the divorce process?

The time taken for the complete divorce process depends on several factors and also the state in which it is filed. These include residency requirements (0-12 months). Separation proof that shows that both partners are living separately (0-3 years). Other factors could include a court waiting period or counseling that may extend it. Uncontested divorces are resolved swiftly, while contested divorces can extend much longer.

Q4. What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce?

In case of a legal separation, the couple ends their relationship but remain married with duties and responsibilities. The couple does not live together, but the marriage remains legally valid. A separation prohibits another marriage while in force. In a legal divorce, the marriage is dissolved, and a settlement along with custody rights and property division occurs. The partners are free to marry again legally.

Q5. What is meant by contested divorce?

A contested divorce is one in which the couple is not in agreement over one or many issues and terms filed in the petition. This type of divorce is often complex and requires the hiring of a divorce attorney. The case goes for a trial in case the settlement option fails. It also involves the filing of extensive paperwork and court visits by the couple.

Q6. Can you explain what is meant by uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a relatively simple legal method to dissolve a marriage. It’s a divorce in which the couple is in agreement with all the things mentioned in the petition. Once the legal requirements are met, it’s a straightforward process and takes less time than a contested divorce. It’s stress-free and is a lot cheaper than a contested divorce, which requires extensive paperwork.