Custody Attorney Hilton Head

Under South Carolina Law, the number one factor courts consider in determining a child custody award is the “best interests of the children”. While the law has moved toward favoring shared parenting relationships, with each parent having the children half of the time, many times other factors lend themselves to quite different determinations. With terms such as “joint custody” and “sole custody” this is a very complicated and confusing part of the law, which requires a great deal of advice from competent counsel – the best custody attorney Hilton Head has to represent you.

It is imperative for the well being of children that parents engaged in a custodial dispute not attempt to utilize the children as pawns in the battle between the parents. We pride ourselves on being there to always help our clients avoid such pitfalls and thereby protect children from the unfortunate consequences of a marital dissolution/custody battle. Custody fights are extremely expensive and can have far-reaching consequences on a couple’s children such that they should not be entered into lightly, but only when necessary to affect the best interests of the children.


Why choose Berl Law as your custody attorney?

1. Attentive Service

We value our clients above all and strive to offer world-class services at a reasonable price. We are attentive to your legal requirements and spend extensive time researching your issue. Our goal is to provide personalized services and impactful solutions for your legal issues. We treat each client’s problem as unique and offer tailor-made solutions.

2. We are competent

Our team consists of some of the most experienced and educated attorneys in the country. We are extremely competent at our jobs and possess a thorough understanding of the legal framework in the state. We are knowledgeable about child custody issues. We have represented clients at both simple and complex custody cases over the years.

3. Years of Experience

We have over 20 years of proven experience in handling child custody battles in court. We have worked on simple as well as complex cases and always delivered results. Our diverse experience and vast knowledge about child custody issues are unmatched. We can help with formalizing child custody agreements and offer advice on other common issues.

4. Litigation Expertise

Our team of expert lawyers is happy to represent you in court for matters involving litigation. We exhibit complete sensitivity and professionalism while dealing with cases involving child custody. We help easily explain complex court processes and are constantly in touch to provide updates. We also notify you about key case milestones.

5. Honesty is our motto

Our firm is founded on the pillars of honesty, trust, and ethics. We always put you and your family’s best interests first. We explain your legal rights clearly and offer possible solutions to win your case. We advise you about possible roadblocks in the case and are always transparent about our pricing and legal fees.

6. Solid understanding of your needs

We approach every case with a fresh outlook and our vast knowledge and experience. We have detailed conversations with you to get details about your current issues and your desired outcome. We formulate a legal plan, especially for you, to address your issues. We can offer help with mediation or represent you in a trial.

7. Vast Knowledge

Our team has studied the legal framework up close and possess vast amounts of knowledge about its inner working. We have worked on cases of varying complexity. We have a deep understanding of the key factors that influence the outcome of a case. We advise you on the best legal course for a positive outcome.

8. We love challenges

New challenges excite us, and we are always prepared to face them and deliver results. We can advise on a wide range of complex issues. These include child support, spousal support, and custody of the child. Our expertise makes it easy for you to wade through the legal system effortlessly while remaining stress-free.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Custody Attorney on Hilton Head

1. Ask the correct questions

You should go prepared with a checklist when you meet a prospective child custody attorney for the first time. This checklist must include questions about legal fees, case duration, and documentation requirements. Ask questions about the legal strategy they will adopt to fight your custody battle. Find out about previous cases and ask for references.

2. Do research

Spend plenty of time doing your research instead of choosing a lawyer based on a recommendation. Your research should focus on key indicators such as success rate, education, reviews, pricing, and experience. You must cross verify any references shared and check the local attorney directories to make sure that the lawyer has a license to operate.

3. Area of specialization

The attorney you choose must demonstrate experience and specialization in child custody cases. Look for an attorney who has a high success rate and has a good reputation dealing with child custody cases. The attorney must be knowledgeable about the legal framework and must be capable of handling any complexity that may arise in the case.

4. Level of comfort

The attorney you choose must share an amiable but professional relationship with you. You should feel comfortable discussing your custody issues freely without feeling inhibited. Choose an attorney who radiates comfort and puts you at ease even while discussing sensitive subjects. They should always have your family’s best interests at heart.

FAQs on Custody Attorney Hilton Head

Q1. What’s the difference between shared custody and sole custody?

The primary difference between shared and sole custody is the physical custody of the child. In shared custody, the partners share decision making responsibilities involving education or religion. It may or may not involve physical custody. In a sole custody scenario, the physical custody of the child remains with one partner only. This partner bears responsibility for all major decisions involving education or religion.

Q2. How does a Hilton Head court judge decide who gets custody of the children?

There are several factors a judge analyzes keenly before choosing the partner who will have custody of the child. A few of these include the home environment, financial stability, and age of the child. Behavioral factors also play a crucial role in determining who has custody. These factors can include issues such as alcohol abuse, domestic violence, any previous felonies which led to an arrest.

Q3. What are the types of child custody on Hilton Head?

There are different types of child custody in Hilton Head. A few common types are physical custody, where the child lives with one parent. It could be legal custody where one partner is responsible for decisions concerning education or health. Joint custody is nothing but a scenario where both partners share equal responsibilities. Or, temporary custody where the child stays with one parent until the court decides. A Custody Attorney Hilton Head trusts can assist you through this complicated process.

Q4. What is meant by “Best Interests of the Child?”

‘Best interests of the child’ is a phrase used to describe various physical, mental, and environmental factors that aid in the child’s growth. The courts always prefer that the child maintains adequate contact with both the parents. The intent is to let the child have as much a normal upbringing as possible without disrupting daily routines. A divorce must not psychologically affect the child’s development.

Q5. How to prepare for the Evaluation of Child Custody?

When you prepare for a child custody evaluation, always have the child’s love and well-being at the center. You want the evaluator to notice your love and care for your child and their reciprocation towards it. Always maintain hygiene and cleanliness around the house. Be well-groomed for the interviews and speak as naturally as you can while answering the evaluator’s questions.