Auto Accident Attorney Hilton Head

This is probably the most common type of personal injury action given the multitude of vehicles on the road and the prevalence of inattentive driving that leads to accidents. Such cases revolve around the failure of one driver to fulfill their duty to operate their vehicle in a safe and appropriate manner (negligence) coupled with resultant damages to the operator passengers in the vehicle that was struck as a result of their negligence. We are the best auto accident attorney on Holtion Head Island to represent you to receive compensation and reduce stress.

These cases are generally handled on a contingency basis, which means that the client does not have to pay for the lawyer’s services unless and until the lawyer recovers an award of damages from the adverse party. This can be an extremely important aspect for clients, especially those who do not have the money to otherwise afford legal services.

Such cases can range from being very simple to extremely complicated. The most important thing is to seek legal advice as soon after the accident as is practical, and to adhere to that advice throughout the period of one’s recovery. Only after one has recovered to the fullest extent possible, should a formal claim be submitted to the adverse party or their insurance company. Individuals injured in an automobile accident should NEVER talk with the other party’s insurance company without first having consulted a lawyer of their own, and having that lawyer present throughout any such phone call or interview if the lawyer thinks that is in the client’s best interest.

A 1999 Insurance Research Council study has shown that, on average, car accident victims who hired a personal injury lawyer to represent them received 3.5X more compensation for their loss than they would have on their own. Hire the best auto accident attorney you can.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and believe you have been permanently or seriously injured, contact us right away and call 843-689-5771 for the best auto accident attorney on Hilton Head Island.

It is important to take the right steps in order to try to preserve your legal rights so that you may have a strong case when it is time to pursue legal compensation for your injuries and your property damages. If you have been in an auto accident, the first thing you should do is call for police and medical assistance.”

Why are we the Best Auto Accident Attorney in the Hilton’s head?

1. Skill & Experience 

Berl’s Law comprises a team of skilled and experienced attorneys. We have a proven track record of representing clients involved in automotive accidents. We handle all the legal requirements professionally. We ensure to tow your vehicle for repairs and address any personal injury medically and legally.

2. Track Record 

We have an unblemished record of representing clients in automobile accident cases. We work with you to ensure the best financial settlements for your claims. Our clients have shared their positive experiences with us to friends and family and posted them online. Our knowledge of automobile accident laws enables us to succeed in every case.

3. Professional Legal Team 

Our attorneys are a paragon of ethics and professionalism. Our dedicated team of investigators, attorneys, and support staff work together on all cases. It enables us to prepare a sound claim that is guaranteed to deliver positive results. We keep you apprised on every aspect of the case and the next steps in our process.

4. Personalized Attention 

Every case we take on has unique characteristics, just like an individual. We treat every client with undivided attention and personalized care. You have direct telephonic access to us at all stages of the case. We discuss the points of the case and possible outcomes in detail with you and maintain complete transparency.

5. Quality of Work

Praise from our past clients and the firm’s solid reputation in the legal circles is a testament to our quality of work. We research all angles of your case thoroughly to ensure the most profitable outcome. We provide free consultations along with an assurance to recover no legal fees from you if we don’t win.

6. Dedicated

We are firmly committed to guiding our clients towards a profitable and harmonious case resolution. We take complete control of the legal proceedings and liaise with insurance corporations for claims. We research cases diligently and leave no stone unturned to deliver the best results. We keep up our commitments and stand by our promises.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an Auto Accident Attorney in the Hilton’s head

1. Communication 

Your auto accident attorney must be proactive in all communication. Lack of proper communication often leads to misunderstanding and poor trial outcomes. The lawyer must clearly explain the entire process and specify the tasks they will perform to help you. Choose a lawyer who is succinct in speech and clears all your doubts.

2. References

Go with the lawyers who are ready to share references rather than the ones who are not willing to share any references. References offer great insight into their working methods and professionalism. A lawyer with a good reputation should be your first choice, even if they are expensive compared to a cheaper lawyer who is not offering you any reference.

3. Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are complex entities that give accident victims the runaround before settlements. Hiring a lawyer who has a reputation for dealing successfully with complex insurance claims is your best option. A good lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, advise you, and fights to get you the best settlement deal possible.

4. Check Reviews

Always check online and read public forum reviews before you hire your accident attorney. Reviews are a great way to evaluate the reputation, ethics, and trustworthiness of an accident attorney. Start narrowing down your choices, beginning with a lawyer who has the best reviews. Speak to them and hire them only if you feel confident.

5. Fee Structure

The fee structure or the pricing plan is very crucial before zeroing on your accident attorney. Some lawyers charge per hour, and others may charge a retainer. Attorneys have different pricing structures, sometimes with heavy hidden charges. Your attorney must be transparent about what the entire proceedings will cost you.

FAQs on Auto Accident Attorney

Q1. How to hire the right accident lawyer? 

Several important factors must be evaluated before choosing an accident attorney. Always read reviews and inquire around to establish that they are reputed and professional. Check the legal fees, location of practice, and educational qualifications before you make a choice. Other factors include referrals and strong support staff.

Q2. Can you explain to me the process of a car accident lawsuit? 

The lawsuit process begins with the plaintiff filing a complaint and serving a copy to the defendant. The court sets dates, and evidence is presented to prove the guilty party. The court passes the verdict and sets the settlement figure. The defendant may choose to appeal if they aren’t satisfied with the decision.

Q3. What if the person who hit me does not have insurance? 

If the person who collides with you does not have insurance, you can still get a settlement. The clause is that you need to be covered for uninsured motorists in your policy. In such an event, your accident attorney will help you claim the settlement amount from your own insurance company.

Q4. What is CME? 

Compulsory Medical Examination (CME) is a physical examination conducted by a medical professional. It is performed to determine the extent of your injuries. The CME officer is usually on retainer to the insurance provider. An attorney can advise you on dealing with this process. It prevents the insurance company from undermining your injuries.

Q5. How to pay for my medicals until I get the settlement?

You can usually utilize Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to benefit out of your motor insurance policy to front any medical bills. You can also use any injury protection benefits from your employer’s policy if the accident occurred on the job. This temporary arrangement helps until liability is established, and the insurance pays the claim.

Q6. How to get my lost wages until I get my settlement?

The insurance company of the defendant will pay you only after guilt is confirmed. You can opt for short or long-term disability benefits from your insurance company or employer. It could help tide you over financially until the insurance payout arrives. You can also use your sick leaves or comp time off from your employer.