Adoptions are generally one of the more joyous occasions in which we get to engage as domestic law practitioners. Whether it be a private adoption between individuals or adoption from some government agency, there are still legal issues for which a client needs to obtain competent advice. We are particularly happy to assist our clients in making such dreams come true.

If the adoption is from a government agency such as the Department of Social Services said the agency would assist in accomplishing many of the legal requirements necessary to complete the adoption.. In some instances, such as the adoption of special needs children, they may even assist with the cost of hiring an attorney to prepare the necessary paperwork and prosecute the action in court. If it is a private adoption, then for the most part you will be responsible for meeting all requirements for legal adoption at your own expense, unless you have contracted with an adoption agency who will perform certain legal aspects on your behalf, as part of their services or the agreed-upon fee.

While certain statutory requirements must be met for an adoption to be legal, there can also arise a multitude of issues that must be addressed in conjunction with an adoption proceeding. As such, it is clearly in the best interests of prospective adoptive parents to hire competent counsel to assist them through this process.